Why Should You Prefer Contracts That Include Contingency Clauses?

Sellers who want to sell their home fast should avoid getting into a contract that includes contingency provisions. Contingency clauses in real estate contracts allow house buyers and sellers to pull out of the deal if one or both parties fail to fulfil specific requirements. Contingency clauses tend to favour the buyer, which is the reverse of what you want if you want to sell your property quickly or visit The following are common conditions found in most real estate contracts:

  • Title – Realtors conduct title searches on properties, which may reveal property ownership conflicts, or so-called “title flaws” that, if not corrected, might prohibit the home from being resold later on. Buyers have the right to have the property examined, as well as evaluate the results and any applicable disclosures.
  • Appraisal – Before their loan is granted, purchasers who are financing their house purchase must often acquire an appraisal of the property.
  • Mortgage – Buyers who finance their houses will typically have a mortgage contingency incorporated into the contract, requiring them to obtain mortgage approval on the house.

  • Homeowner’s insurance – Most lenders require purchasers to obtain homeowner’s insurance for the property they are financing.
  • Sale of another property – this is the contingency that sellers want to avoid the most, where the buyer’s property must be sold before they can buy yours. If the buyer is unable to sell their house within the time limit agreed upon, they can cancel the contract and receive their earnest money back. The seller must then find another bidder. To know more check out

Generally, the only method to avoid a contract with conditions is to sell your property to a cash buyer. Cash purchasers often buy houses as-is, which means there is no inspection or appraisal, no mortgage or loan, and no other property sale hindering your home sale. However, homeowners may lose a considerable amount of equity in a cash transaction since cash bids are sometimes far lower than the market worth of your house in order to pay repair expenses and assure the buyer will benefit from the future sale of your home. Homeowners must evaluate if a rapid cash deal outweighs the lower equity they obtain in comparison to traditional real estate transactions.

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